If you're based in Europe, and your country charges VAT on books, we now have to charge this VAT at the point of purchase. The good news is a few European countries do not charge VAT for books and the ones that do, the majority have a special low rate for printed matter.

All European parcels are sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). This means that any VAT your respective country charges to import books, are paid at the point of purchase and no extra import fees are due after this.

The below table shows the current rates of VAT added for each European country we currently ship to. This is under constant review and is may change to reflect current legislation.

Destination VAT rate added to order
Austria 10%
Belgium 6%
Czech Republic 10%
Denmark 25%
Finland 10%
France 5.5%
Germany 7%
Italy 4%
Netherlands 9%
Eire 0%
Spain 4%
Estonia 9%
Sweden 6%
Luxembourg 3%
Slovenia 5%
Switzerland 7.7%
Norway 0%

If you have any questions about VAT, please email hello@bitmapbooks.co.uk or speak to your local customs office.