Does each book come with a free PDF?
Where possible yes. Due to licensing restrictions, this is not always possible.  Please note that if you decide to return your book and have downloaded the digital file, your refund amount will be deducted by £10.


Do you ship globally?
Yes, we do. We use a tracked service for all countries. Please see our shipping page for more information.

Will the books arrive to me in pristine condition?
We've done everything we can to make sure they do. Most books are shrink wrapped, packed very securely and then sent on a tracked service. Please see our shipping page for more information.  

Why is the shipping to my country so expensive?
Unfortunately, our decision to make all shipping tracked and the fact that books are heavy, mean that certain countries are expensive to ship to. Sadly, there is no way around this for us and the shipping is subsidised as much as possible by Bitmap Books.

Why don't you ship to my country?
Please contact us if your country is not appearing at the check out and we can easily add it.

How long to books take to arrive?
If an order is placed before midday, we generally aim to ship that same day. Shipping within the UK usually takes 1-2 working days. Shipping to Europe takes around 4-5 working days. Shipping to the USA, Canada, South America and Asia takes around 6-7 working days. These times are just a guide.

It won't let me checkout and is coming up with an error
This is usually due to weight restrictions to certain countries. Try removing one of the books and this should do the trick. Failing that, you may have to split the order across two separate orders.

Will I be charged import duties?
The good news, is that the majority of countries do not charge additional duties for books. With each parcel, we will attach the necessary paperwork and declarations. However, If duties are applied in error, this is the responsibility of the customer to resolve with the relevant custom's office. Bitmap Books are not responsible for any additional duties on our books.


I've ordered multiple books within one pre-order, will they arrive seperatly?
No, the whole order will arrive in a single shipment, as soon as all books are available.

Do you take the money immediately?
Yes, any money is debited from your account when placing the pre-order.

Can I cancel my pre-order?
You can cancel at anytime before the book is published by emailing hello@bitmapbooks.co.uk and make sure to state your order number.

Can I add non pre-order books to my pre-order?
Yes, but please note that any books added to a pre-order that are currently available, will be shipped with the pre-order, not separately.

What about if I move address before the book is shipped?
Just email hello@bitmapbooks.co.uk and make sure to state your order number and your full new address. We will then update your details.