Bitmap Books present Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium - a book dedicated to the Commodore 64 (C64).

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Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium
A book that celebrates the beauty of the greatest home computer ever made; the C64.

Unlike other books about the C64, it will celebrate the visual side of the computer. Each spread will feature a beautiful image from a game and a few words. This could a mini review from an ex journalist such as Gary Penn or Gary Liddon or a quote from the original developers and artists such as David Crane, Ron Gilbert, Jon Hare and Andrew Hewson just to name a few... The book will also feature game maps, loading screens, stunning artwork by Oliver Frey and a foreword written by Sensible Software’s legendary graphic artist Stoo Cambridge

The book will then be in chronological order, starting in the early days with games such as Jupiter Lander and go through to the latter days of the C64 featuring games such as Mayhem In Monsterland and Lemmings. It will then finish looking at modern day C64 publishers and programmers such as RGCD and Paul Koller.

The final book will be 232 pages and printed lithographically to the highest possible print standards. The finished size is 230mm x 170mm and comes with a spot varnished cover and also a loose dust jacket.

Book contributors
Mat Allen, Stoo Cambridge, David Crane, Karen Davies, Steven Day, Mevlut Dinc, Paul Docherty, Andy Dyer, Oliver Frey, Ron Gilbert, Jon Hare, Andrew Hewson, Robin Hogg, Steve Jarratt, Roger Kean, Phil King, Paul Koller, James Leach, Robin Levy, Gary Liddon, Oliver Lindau, Steinar Lund, Michal Okowicki, Jordan Mechner, Jeff Minter, Philip Oliver, Gary Penn, Jason Perkins, Simon Phipps, Jacco Van ‘t Riet, Hugh Riley, Andy Roberts, Stephen Robertson, Steve Rowlands, Stephen Thomson, Matt Sneap, Bob Stevenson, Jonathan Temples, Matt Wilsher and Stuart Wynne.