Bitmap Books present Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium - a book dedicated to the Commodore 64 (C64).

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum:
a visual compendium

This will be the third book in the visual compendium series and will focus solely on the awesome Sinclair ZX Spectrum. As with other books in the series, each spread in the book will focus on a different game, each represented with a striking visual, along with short reviews, developer quotes, and behind-the-scenes trivia. All text will be edited and overseen by industry legend Steve Jarratt, a veteran computer games journalist and the foreword will be written by ex-Binary Design graphic artist Ste Pickford. Also within the book will be the stunning artwork by Oliver Frey, professional product photography, artist interviews, developer profiles, classic magazine showcases and also a visual look at the Russian Spectrum homebrew scene.

Contributors to the book include The Stamper Brothers, John Heap, Andrew Hewson, David Perry, The Oliver Twins, Matthew Smith, Julian Gollop plus many more...

Printed lithographically to the highest quality – spanning 296 pages. Finished book is 230mm x 170mm and comes in it’s own spot varnished dustcover.

Special edition ZX Spectrum
book in polysyrene packaging

Limited edition
Only 100 available

Hardback book and five loader postcards

Commodore Amiga:
a visual Commpendium

A book that celebrates the visual side of the glorious Amiga computer. Each spread features a beautiful image and a select few words which vary from games facts, mini reviews and quotes from the original developers. Edited by ex-Amiga Format editor Steve Jarratt and includes a foreword by ex-Sensible Software artist Stoo Cambridge, 140+ games, the demo scene, the birth of the Amiga 1000, unreleased Amiga games, game maps, artist interviews, developer profiles and photography of the various Amiga models.

Contributors to the book include RJ Mical, Eric Chahi, Martin Edmondson, Gary Penn, Ron Gilbert, Jon Hare, Julian Eggebrecht, David Braben plus many more...

Printed lithographically to the highest quality spanning 424 pages. Finished book is 230mm x 170mm and available in softcover and hardback. Every book comes in it’s own spot varnished dustcover, cardboard protective slipcase and will be shrink wrapped for extra protection.

  • “Wonderful. While reading the book, I went back to my youth. So much nostalgia.” Tomáš Vozábal
  • “Great book, it made me switch my C64 on and try every game reviewed in that book! It is a pleasure to discover every page.” Alex Wright
  • “A beautiful walk down memory lane.” notCalle
  • “I love this book. It’s awesome. So many games, so many pictures, so many memories.
    If you ever owned a C64, this book is the right one for you. Made by a fan for fans.” Tardis
  • “What a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane this book is. If you’re a fan of the Commodore 64 then you have to buy this book.” Dave Normington
  • “Excellent book:
    high-quality pictures, interesting stories.
    A wonderful tribute for a wonderful computer!” J.S
  • “A great addition to any 8-bit game nostalgia book collection. High production quality, great visuals, and many recollections from the original programmers and artists.” David Youd
  • “A stunning book, with high quality images that bring back many a memory!” Ben S
  • “Loved it! I forgot some of the C64 game gems..tho When I saw them in the book lots of good memories came back.” Sicco
  • “Packed with so many
    full-page high quality images from so many games, the Commodore 64 and its graphics never looked so good.” Simon Phipps
  • “It really brought the memories flooding back as I turned every page... Highly recommended if you love retro games.” Philip Oliver
  • “I’ll keep it on my coffee table for years I expect as everyone who sees it is immediately captivated by it and lost to a world of nostalgia.” Phil Cave
  • “The book is beautifully done. Makes me want to write code for the thing again!” Dave Roscoe

Commodore 64:
a visual Commpendium

A book that celebrates the beauty of the greatest home computer ever made; the C64. Each spread will feature a beautiful image from a game and a few words. This could a mini review from an ex journalist such as Gary Penn or Steve Jarratt or quotes from the original developers and artists such as David Crane, Ron Gilbert, Jon Hare and Andrew Hewson just to name a few... The book will also feature game maps, loading screens, stunning artwork by Oliver Frey and a foreword written by Sensible Software’s legendary graphic artist Stoo Cambridge.

The content of the book is arranged in chronological order, starting in the early days with games such as Jupiter Lander and goes through to the latter days of the C64, featuring games such as Mayhem In Monsterland and Lemmings.

The final book is 232 pages and printed lithographically to the highest possible print standards. The finished size is 230mm x 170mm and comes with a spot varnished cover and also a protective loose dust jacket.

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