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Invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, the ZX Spectrum, successor to the ZX80 and ZX81 home computers, would come to define an age of video gaming, with a range of games as quirky and eccentric as the computer that inspired them.

Re-live the glory days of the Spectrum with this award-winning collection of over a hundred classic games. Starting with early titles such as The Hobbit, Hungry Horace and Psion’s Flight Simulation, you will trace the lineage of Spectrum games through iconic titles including Manic Miner, Harrier Attack, Elite, Jetpac, Deus Ex Machina, The Lords of Midnight, Knight Lore and Head Over Heels.

Each game is represented by its loading page or an archetypal screenshot, printed without margins on high-quality paper and using special fluorescent inks to capture the vibrant look of the ZX Spectrum’s palette.

Accompanying this iconic imagery is a wealth of anecdotes and reminiscences from the artists and developers who made the games, with contributions from the Stamper Brothers, Dave Perry, Bo Jangeborg, the Oliver Twins, Matthew Smith, Dawn Drake, Andrew Hewson and many more. The book also features interviews with key artists and profiles of the major games publishers, plus a look at the Russian and Eastern Bloc clone market and homebrew scene, which still produces new ZX Spectrum games to this day!

This stylish 304-page hardback, with a spot-varnished dust cover, was awarded Gold, for the best publication design, in the Roses Creative Awards 2016. So, if you cut your gaming teeth on this quintessentially British computer, grab a copy of this visual compendium and take a glorious, garish, character-clashing step back in time

Book specifications
304 pages. 170mm × 230mm. Edge-to-edge high quality lithographic print. Special fluorescent ink throughout. Hardback. Sewn binding for enduring quality and the ability to lay flat for ideal double-page image viewing. Spot-varnished cover and dust jacket that highlight key elements against a matte background. Four coloured bookmark ribbons. Shrink-wrapped. Free PDF for viewing on the go.

Reprint updates
In this latest reprint of Sinclair ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium, we’ve added a handful of new game reviewsContributor entries now include their role in the game or profession, in line with more recent visual compendiums.

Includes contributions from:
Neil Adamson, Jas Austin, Jim Bagley, Gregg Barnett, Brian Beuken, Matt Bielby, Steve Brown, Nick Bruty, Simon Butler, Robin Candy, Tim Closs, Andy Craven, Mel Croucher, Jonathan Davies, Rick Dickinson, Tony Dillon, Mevlut Dinc, Dawn Drake, Mark Eyles, Jason Falcus, Oliver Frey, Alberto J. González, Chris Graham, Bill Harbison, Peter Harrap, John Heap, Andrew Hewson, Chris Hinsley, Robin Hogg, Teoman Irmak, Bo Jangeborg, Steve Jarratt, Chris Jenkins, Colin Jones, David Jones, Mark R. Jones, Roger Kean, James Leach, Richard Leinfellner, Adrian Ludley, Steinar Lund, Veronika Megler, Shaun G. McClure, the Oliver Twins, Ray Owen, Bob Pape, David Perry, Ste Pickford, Mike Richardson, Andy Roberts, Nick Roberts, David Rowe, Bill Scolding, Phil South, Matthew Smith, the Stamper Brothers, Craig Stevenson, Kevin Toms, Steve Turner, Clive Townsend, Keith Warrington, Steve Wetherill, Robert White and Pete Williamson.

Games featured include:
11-a-side Soccer / 180 / 3D Deathchase / 3D Tanx / Ant Attack / Atic Atac / Automania / Avalon / Back to Skool / Backpackers Guide to the Universe / Barbarian / Batman / Batman: The Movie / Batty / Beyond the Ice Palace / BMX Freestyle / Bomb Jack / Cabal / Castlevania: Spectral Interlude / Cauldron II / Chase H.Q. / Chuckie Egg / Cobra / Contact Sam Cruise / Cybernoid / Cyclone / Daley Thompson’s Decathlon / Dan Dare: Pilot of The Future / Deus Ex Machina / Dizzy / DreamWalker: Alter Ego 2 / Dun Darach / Dynamite Dan / Everyone’s a Wally / Exolon / Extreme / Fairlight / Fat Worm Blows a Sparky / Feud / Finders Keepers / Football Manager / Gauntlet III / Glider Rider / The Great Escape / H.A.T.E. / Harrier Attack! / Head Over Heels / Heavy on the Magick / Herbert’s Dummy Run / Highway Encounter / The Hobbit / Horace Goes Skiing / Hudson Hawk / Hyper Sports / I, Ball / I, of the Mask / Jack the Nipper / Jet Pac / Jet Set Willy / Knight Lore / Knight Tyme / Knot in 3D / Last Ninja 2 / Lemmings / Light Force / The Living Daylights / The Lords of Midnight / Manic Miner / Marsport / Match Day / Metal Man Reloaded / Midnight Resistance / Movie / Myth: History in the Making / Nodes of Yesod / Operation Thunderbolt / Paperboy / Penetrator / Ping Pong / Pro Powerboat Simulator / Professional Ski Simulator / Pyjamarama / Quazatron / R-Type / Ranarama / Renegade / Rex / Robin of the Wood / RoboCop / Rock Star Ate My Hamster / Rocky / Roller Coaster / Saboteur! / Saboteur II / Sabre Wulf / SAS Combat Simulator / Savage / Scuba Dive / The Sentinel / Slightly Magic / Soccer Skills / Spellbound / Spy Hunter / Star Wars / Starglider / Starquake / Starstrike II / Stop the Express / Stormbringer / Super Robin Hood / Super Stuntman / Target: Renegade / Tau Ceti / Thanatos / Three Weeks in Paradise / T.L.L. / Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper / The Trap Door / Treasure Island Dizzy / Turbo Esprit / Underwurlde / Uridium / WEC Le Mans / Wanted: Monty Mole / The Way of the Exploding Fist / Wheelie / Where Time Stood Still / Zynaps

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David F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Awesome retro compendium

Purchased both the Amiga and Sinclair ZX Spectrum compendium books and I was not disappointed. Well made books, great for the retro collection and to remember those hall of fame classic Spectrum games. If only my 48k still worked but my mate blew it up.

Nicholas T.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Beautiful Collection

The quality of the published books is amazing. If you need a collection of memories of the games of your youth (and to freak your kids out with what graphics used to look like) this is best way to do it.

David M.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
I recommend this product


ZX Spectrum! I love it...

Bitmap Books Sinclair ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium Review
Stephen L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Compendium

Fantastic book. Brings back so many memories, and a great service from Bitmap Books to boot!!

Gavin S.
Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product

Another great book

This book has great content, lots of great articles and stories from game developers. A must have for any retro computing fan. A book to read and enjoy over and over. The illustrations and pictures are fabulous.