Here are some of the nice things people have said about our books.

"This not a book, it's a work of art. You owe it to yourself (and anyone you know) to buy this book!"
Sven Droste

"This book arrived today in my post. Even though it's a lot of artwork and few text, it's still amazing. The small notes to the games/history from people involved gives a new view on everything. You couldn't have done this better."

"This book is phenomenal. I bought it through the kickstarter campaign to get it going so it was some months looking forwards to its delivery before it arrived (of course now the book is written and published this will not be a factor). This meant with the build up and communications through the kickstarter campaign, through to it being written and published built up the anticipation of receiving the book. Boy oh boy did it deliver. Its a thing of beauty compiled by someone who has the same love of the machine, the games, the demos that you have. Its very much the book I would have compiled myself and as such I love it. Page after page of imagery that take you back on a nostalgic journey to the happy times of the Amiga and everything in the scene. Throughout there are interviews from the people who made it happen and lived through it with you, from artists, developers, publishers, musician etc.. All in all its a wonderful book that is a must for every Amiga fan out there."

"A very good product wich so much "melancolie" for the Amiga! Thx really superb and fantastic!"

"This book is more akin to a family photo album than just a book that some guy made about some computer. Page after page i found deep memories resurfacing. It's the kind of thing you can't 'buy'.. except you can :) There were also numerous games i hadn't played as a kid and are now on my to-do list. The articles were interesting and varied and it was great to see areas like the demo scene and commentary about the hardware (though i would have liked to read a little more about the hardware). Beautifully presented, well made and a fantastic trip down memory lane. If you loved the Amiga (or still do), this is a great way to show it. Slap it on the table and some of your friends might either remember the system or games they too had long forgotten, or maybe just remember seeing you playing it as a kid and comment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with it. I'm very glad i was able to Kickstart it into production. Two thumbs up to Sam."

"Such a wonderful work! My childhood lives again thanks to this great book. Thank you so much!"
Mark Paul Corcoran

"The book is amazing and the quality is top-notch. A must have for all the amiga fans!"

"This book is essential for all the brokenhearted Amiga-lovers out there - it will instantly transport you back to the time when you spent most waking hours on this beautiful machine, and all was well in the world. Sam Dyer has done a commendable job putting this together, and his dedication shows - the book looks awesome and will give you hours of sweet, sweet nostalgic euphoria as you keep turning the pages. There are rumours this is going to turn into a series - if that happens I'll buy every book released regardless of whether I've used the computer featured or not, as these beautiful books are must for any retrocomputing-obsessed old geezer out there (myself included). Great work!"
Samy Merchi

"An amazing product that really takes you back. At 400+ pages, it's thicker than I expected, the sewn binding is excellent, and the image and paper quality is high. One thing I wish it would have had more of was images of the various Amiga models and their peripherals. With the huge page count, 10 pages could easily have been devoted to showcasing the different physical products. Also, the selections for which games were featured were a little odd sometimes -- especially glaring to me were RPG omissions; Ultima, D&D, Bard's Tale and Phantasie series were all bizarrely missing."

"Fantastic book!! Highly recommended, the brilliant art takes me back to my youth with the best games machine I've ever played on!"
Thomas Binder

"I bought the book via Kickstarter and I'm super happy. Quality is fantastic and allows to relive all the great memories. The book is just super beautiful and high quality. Thanks a lot!"
Diego Caravana

"A happy moment every time I take it in my hands, a source of fun and good remembering: very well done, totally worth the money!"
Andreas Wanda

"At every turn of a page, you can hear the Amiga's floppy drive click: A time-machine in book form, reading, admiring, owning this unbelievably beautiful volume is the closest to actually operating the titular computer. Sam Dyer's Amiga: A Visual Commpendium is the defining reference work on Commodore's legendary machine."

"Amazing images quality. I felt like I was in the past!"

"A very nice (historic) piece of art!"
Para Sitius

"So many memories, so many laughs, so many tears, so many years ago... I feel old. Utterly fantastic book which needs to be in the collection of any serious Amiga fan."
Marcel F

"EPIC is the only word that comes to mind. It pretty much wraps up my youth which was for the greater part dominated by the Commodore Amiga. Having spoken to Sam and seeing his passion for this project, I feel honored being one of the backers of this project. I will in fact acquire an extra copy or two as birthday presents to others as they will for sure value this true piece of art!"

"What a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane."

"Amazing book, nice details and very high quality. So many souvenirs of the C64 just came up... must have for Gamers! 

"Great book, it made me switch my C64 on and try every games reviewed in that book! It is a pleasure to discover every page." 
Alex Wright

"Fantastic Quality book that makes the perfect present for any C64 fan :-)
Tomáš Vozábal

"Wonderful. While reading the book, I went back to my youth. So much nostalgia."

"Fantastic book. It's like going back to the good times in the past."

"A very solid visual tour through your memories (or, alternately, something to fill in the blanks if you missed out back in the day)"

"Absolutely a must buy for a C64 fan."

"I love this book. Great Quality, superb dust cover and some lovely memories..."
Chris Austin

"WOW, great book, great quality, great EVERYTHING! Well packaged and super fast shipping from the UK to US. Classic gaming memories at it's best, and a great addition to my gaming library."

"Just superb, love the glossy cover, fantastic graphics, lovely thick paper."

"Fantastic trivia book for C64 fans!"

"Excellent book! A must have for C64 fans!"
Michael Cook

"Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium by Sam Dyer is an essential work of living history as told through the eyes of hundreds of users. It delights and enchants and belongs in everyone's library."
Christian D. Storgaard 

"This is quite a wide selection of the best impressions of games for the C64 from the early 80s to 2014(!). If you ever find yourself remembering some game, you should be able to look it up in this book an instantly be greeted with glorious art from and a wonderful piece of trivia or behind-the-scenes info. If you like C64 or other classic computers, get this book."
Dave Normington