Certain books will be made available for pre-order before their official publication date. Payment is taken at the time of pre-order but the order can be cancelled and refunded at any time before the publication date. 

Please note that any books added to a pre-order that are currently available, will be shipped with the pre-order, not separately.

If a pre-ordered book includes a free PDF, the PDF will be sent via email when the book is ready for publication, not at the time of order. An exception to this would be a pre-order for a reprint when a PDF already exists. In this instance, the PDF would be sent at the time of the order. 

Cancel your pre-order
Email hello@bitmapbooks.co.uk stating your order number. Please note that if have downloaded the PDF, your refund amount will be deducted by £10.

Update your address
Email hello@bitmapbooks.co.uk stating your order number and your new address.