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Commodore 64: a visual compendium celebrates one the most popular home computers of all time, taking you on a journey through the C64’s varied and colourful gaming library, starting in 1982, with early releases like Jupiter Lander and Beach Head, and travelling forward through the decades.

The 1980s saw an array of amazing C64 titles: think DropzoneImpossible Mission, Elite, Mercenary, Uridium, The Last NinjaThese and others represented an incredible variety of genres, from shoot ’em ups to puzzlers, racing games to arcade adventures, plus games that still defy categorisation The Sentinel, anyone? By the time the 1990s rolled around, talented coders were making the machine do things the original hardware designers didn’t think were possible; games like Turrican, Creatures and Lemmings showed that there was life left in the old CPU yet. Even when Commodore went bust, and the computer was no longer being manufactured, the games still kept coming.

So, this book pays homage not only to the seminal games of the C64’s official lifespan, but also to the developers that kept the system alive, featuring games that were completed and released a decade after the last boxed C64 left the high street.

Commodore 64: a visual compendium features well over a hundred titles, represented by beautiful in-game shots or loading screens, plus a gallery of artwork by legendary Zzap!64 artist Oliver Frey. Also included is a series of features, including profiles of key Britsoft developers, interviews with famous C64 artists, a look back at the demo scene, plus a showcase of unreleased titles and the new games being released more than 20 years after the last machine rolled off Commodore’s production line.

Presented in full colour throughout, printed on high quality paper and complete with a spot-varnished protective dust cover, this unique title is a treat for anyone who grew up playing games or learning their craft on this most ubiquitous of home computers.

Book specifications
500 pages. 170mm × 230mm. Edge-to-edge high quality lithographic print. Hardback. Sewn binding for enduring quality and the ability to lay flat for ideal double-page image viewing. Spot-varnished cover and dust jacket that highlight key elements against a matte background. Two coloured bookmark ribbons. Shrink-wrapped. Free PDF for viewing on the go.

Reprint updates
In this latest reprint of Commodore 64: a visual compendium, we’ve added 24 pages of new material, including: an updated foreword from Stoo Cambridge; the inclusion of The Last V8, Revs, Vendetta, Operation Wolf and Green Beret; additional contributions from Martin Galway and Matt Gray; an updated Thalamus Games profile; additional text on certain games, as seen in other Bitmap Books visual compendium titles; the addition of several recent homebrew titles, plus written contributions from their authors; and a short section on PESCII art.

Includes contributions from:
Mat Allen, Pete Baron, Andrew Braybrook, Steve Brown, Stoo Cambridge, Gary Carr, David Crane, Stephen Crow, Andrew Davie, Ivan Davies, Karen Davies-Downey, Steven Day, Mevlut Dinc, Paul Docherty, Andy Dyer, Andreas Escher, Brian Fargo, Simon Forrester, Oliver Frey, Kevin Furry, Martin Galway, Ron Gilbert, Dave Golder, Matt Gray, Michael Haire, Jon Hare, Andrew Hewson, Robin Hogg, Paul Hughes, Andy Hutchinson, Robert Jaeger, Steve Jarratt, Mark Jones, Roger Kean, Mark W.J. Kelly, Kevin Kieller, Phil King, Paul Koller, John F. Kutcher, Ned Langman, James Leach, Robin Levy, Peter Liepa, Oliver Lindau, Richard Löwenstein, Steinar Lund, Archer MacLean, Sean Masterson, Jordan Mechner, Alan Miller, Jeff Minter, Andrew Morris, Paul Norman, Michal Okowicki, Philip Oliver, The Oliver Twins, Gary Penn, Jason Perkins, Simon Phipps, Julian ‘Jaz’ Rignall, Hugh Riley, Stephen Robertson, Andy Roberts, John Rowlands, Stephen Ruddy, Chris Shrigley, Jonathan Smyth Temples, Steve Snake, Mat Sneap, Chuck Sommerville, Audun Sorlie, Bob Stevenson, Trevor Storey, Stephen Ian Thomson, Mikael Tillander, Jacco Van’t Riet, Bob Wakelin, Martin Walker, Trenton Webb, Matt Wilsher, Gary Winnick and Stuart Wynne.

Games featured include:
10th Frame / Action Biker / Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon / Archon: The Light and the Dark / Argus / Arkanoid / Armalyte / Attack of the Mutant Camels / ATV Simulator / Aztec Challenge / Ballblazer / Bangkok Knights / Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior / The Bard’s Tale / Batman The Movie / Beach-Head / Beach-Head II / The Bear Essentials / Beyond the Forbidden Forest / Blue Max / The Blues Brothers / Bomberland / Bop ’n Rumble / Boulder Dash / Bounder / Bounty Bob Strikes Back! / Bruce Lee / Bubble Bobble / Buggy Boy / C64anabalt / Cabal / California Games / Caren and the Tangled Tentacles / Cauldron / Chase HQ II / Citadel / CJ’s Elephant Antics / Combat School / Commando / Creatures / Creatures II / Cybernoid / Death Knights of Krynn / Deathwish 3 / Defender of the Crown / Delta / Denaris / Dominator / Donkey Kong Jr. / Dragon Wars / Driller / Dropzone / The Eidolon / Elite / Entombed / Exile / Fantasy World Dizzy / Ferrari Formula One / First Samurai / Flimbo’s Quest / Forbidden Forest / Fort Apocalypse / Frankie Goes to Hollywood / Gauntlet / Ghostbusters / Ghosts ’n Goblins / Ghouls ’n Ghosts / Golden Axe / Grand Prix Simulator / The Great Giana Sisters / Green Beret / Gribbly’s Day Out / Gunship / Gyruss / Hammerfist / Hawkeye / Head over Heels / Hover Bovver / Hunter’s Moon / Hunter’s Moon Remastered / Hyper Sports / IK+ / Impossible Mission / Impossible Mission II / Infiltrator / International Soccer / Invade-a-Load / Jack Attack / James Pond 2: RoboCod / Jupiter Lander / Karateka / Katakis / Keystone Kapers / Kikstart / Kikstart II / Knight ’n’ Grail / Koronis Rift / Krakout / The Last Ninja / Last Ninja 2 / Last Ninja 3 / The Last V8 / Law of the West / Lazy Jones / Leaderboard / Lemmings / Lions of the Universe / Little Computer People / Lode Runner / LuftrauserZ / M.U.L.E. / Magicland Dizzy / Maniac Mansion / Mayhem in Monsterland / Mega Apocalypse / Mercenary / Micro Hexagon / MicroProse Soccer / Midnight Resistance / Miner 2049er / Montezuma’s Revenge / Monty on the Run / Murder! / Myth: History in the Making / Navy SEALs / Nebulus / Neuromancer / Nobby the Aardvark / North & South / Operation Thunderbolt / Paradroid / Parallax / Park Patrol / The Pawn / Pirates! / Pitstop II / Planet Golf / Platoon / Pogo Joe / Prince of Persia / Professional BMX Simulator / Professional Snooker Simulator / Project Firestart / Quedex / Racing Destruction Set / Raid on Bungeling Bay / Raid Over Moscow / Rainbow Islands / Rally Speedway / Rambo: First Blood Part II / Retrograde / Revs / Rick Dangerous / RoboCop / Rocky Memphis / Rodland / The Sacred Armour of Antiriad / Salamander / Sam’s Journey / Samurai Warrior / Sanxion / Scarabaeus / The Sentinel / Shinobi / Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit / Skate or Die! / Slicks / Smash TV / Soulless / Space Gun / Space Rogue / Space Taxi / Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe / Spindizzy / Spy Hunter / Spy vs. Spy / Starquake / Strip Poker / Stunt Car Racer / Summer Games / Summer Games 2 / Super Bread Box / Super Cycle / Super Pipeline II / Super Scramble Simulator / Supremacy / Terra Cresta / Theatre Europe / Thing on a Spring / Thrust / Time Tunnel / Total Recall / Turbo Charge / Turbo Outrun / Turrican / Turrican II / The Untouchables / Up n Down / Uridium / Vendetta / Warhawk / The Way of the Exploding Fist / WEC Le Mans / Winter Games / Wizardry / Wizball / World Class Leaderboard / World Games / X-Out / Zak McKracken / Zaxxon and Zoids

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Lynn N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Commodore 64:a visual compendium

Another great offering from Bitmap Books. Usual high production values, a great trip down memory lane. Highly recommended.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Amazing books that bring back good old memories

I have now 3 books to add to my collection, Spectrum,C64 and Amiga and I have too say i'm so impressed with the qualilty it brings back the good old memories of the classic 8 and 16 bit home computer irea. I would love to see seperate books on Ocean software,U.S Gold and maybe some of the newer consoles like xbox and xbox 360, Sega Dreamcast and lets not forget then classic arcade machines as well, trully amazing!

Paul D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Glorious memories

The Christmas I received the Commodore 64 easily ranks as the best-ever, and this book brings some amazing memories back to me of all the games I played as well as all those I never got my hands on but wished for. Just like the Amiga compendium, this hardback is of high quality with beautiful images on glossy page after page. As described, it is a visual compendium, so not much in the way of written content. This is not a history book, it’s a collection of art.

Simen l.
Norway Norway
I recommend this product


Perfect book, shipped very secure!

Enzo B.
Italy Italy
I recommend this product

A trip back to my youth in excellent print quality

The C64 was my first computer. I liked playing with it, but above all I liked to learn how it worked and it was with it that I started to program, so it has a special place in my heart to this day. Now I'm into retro gaming and also art and design, so when I discovered this book and then saw the video of how much care is put in preparing the parcel, I ordered it immediately, together with Artcade. They are both here now on the bookshelf and they are beautiful.